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Jenn (She/Her)

Chief Executive Officer

Jenn's role at Q:alliance is to lead our small but perfectly formed team to develop and implement the needs of the charity. She analyses the needs of the community and shapes the support by creating partnerships and access pathways to organisations that support the LGBTQ+ community.

She enjoys swimming, yoga, deep conversations nestled in hard-to-find restaurants, and is a big advocate for seldom asked communities.

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Jay (He/They)

Communications and Engagement manager

Jay's role at Q:alliance is to oversee the running of our comms network, including social media channels. He also oversees our Adult programmes, developing and creating safe spaces, facilities, projects and collaborations. He's always looking at how we as an organisation can engage with our local community and other organisations.

​He volunteers across a variety of boards and is a fierce advocate for communities. A keen artist, with a nose for baking, he enjoys fantasy games, gardening and horse riding.

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Megan (She/Her)

Youth Services Manager

Megan's role is to manager our bustling Youth Services, which include services across Bedford and Milton Keynes. She has a long history of engagement with our youth services, and supported the development of our Beds offer in response to an identified demand. She manages several dedicated team members and is Q:alliance's Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Outside of work, Megan spends several hours a day with her two horses Harry and Carly, who she tends to on a beautiful Buckinghamshire Farm. She enjoys hiking with her dog Bobby and is very proud of her book collection.


Noah (They/He)

LGBTQ+ Youth Outreach Practitioner

Noah's role at Q:alliance aims to positively impact the wellbeing of young LGBTQ+ people in Milton Keynes. His role includes developing and delivering education and training sessions and working individually with young people, providing 1:1 support to work on resilience and wellbeing. Noah also leads our LGBTQ+ Schools and Colleges Partnership Forum.

Noah enjoys conversations that make people think and is passionate about trying to make the world a more comfortable and accessible place. They are a keen hobbyist photographer, a huge fan of gaming, and going on adventures with their family and Labrador puppy called Harold.

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Miguel (He/Him)

Youth Support Worker & Schools Outreach

Miguel's role at Q:alliance aims to positively impact the wellbeing of young LGBTQ+ people in Bedford. His role includes developing and delivering education and training sessions to schools about the LGBTQ+ community, as well as co-running the Bedford youth group.

He enjoys talking, gaming, performing and spending time with his huskies. He is a proud LGBTQ+ Hispanic.

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B (He/They)

Youth Support Worker

B's role at Q:alliance involves facilitating weekly provisions for LGBTQ+ young people, working in a team to develop activities with an emphasis on increasing young people's wellbeing, inclusion and participation. 

Outside of work, they are involved with running several queer community projects, including a yearly camping event for bisexual people, and a support group for chronically ill LGBTQ+ folk. B is often found baking, taking photos of nature (especially birds!), and reading fantasy books.


Aaliyah (She/Her)

Youth Support Worker

Aaliyah's role at Q:alliance includes providing engaging and supportive provisions for LGBTQIA+ young people on a weekly basis. This involves working in a team to develop a range of activities focusing on wellbeing, engagement, inclusion and FUN!

Outside of Q:alliance, she works at a college supporting young people in a variety of different ways. She also does a lot of work with charities, focusing on young people with heart conditions. She really enjoys this as she also have a heart condition. She is a really creative person and loves art and making things; art journaling and crochet are her main hobbies but she also loves reading books and sci-fi!

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