Youth Services

Milton Keynes


In collaboration with YiS Young People’s Mental Health, Q:alliance will be offering a safe space for LGBTQ+(queer) young people to attend an LGBTQ+ exclusive Early Support Hub. Q:Hub is a drop-in service for LGBTQ+ 13-19 year olds who would like a safe space to access support for their mental health and wellbeing, without needing a referral or appointment.

Central Milton Keynes Library (MK9 2HL)

Every Tuesday (term-time)- 4:00-5:00pm from April 18th 2023.

Q:Survey for LGBTQ+(queer) young people. Click here for survey

Q:alliance have begun their listening period, where we will be gathering the views of young LGBTQ+ people in order to co-create a contemporary youth service that is impactful, inclusive, and engaging. Speak up on support for our youth communities and tell us your opinions on what our youth service should look and feel like. The information we gather will directly impact how we build a new service and pertinent information will be shared with supporting organisations so that young people feel safe and celebrated in Milton Keynes.

If you would like to discuss this survey or ask Q:alliance to come to your youth setting to deliver a focus group or “listening event”, please get in touch with our Operations Manager at

Special thanks to Terrence Higgins Trust for supporting this needs assessment.


Q:Youth Bedford offers a wide range of activities and services for young LGBTQ+ people, & for young people questioning their sexuality or gender identity aged 13-19.

We offer the following services:

  • One-to-one support
  • Special events such as BBQs
  • Visits to other LGBTQ+ youth groups
  • Trips to Pride parades
  • Partnership working on projects with mainstream youth agencies
  • School LGBTQ+ training fill in this form to enquire

A whole range of young people attend these sessions, which have proved very popular. They get up to a variety of activities, including general chatting and socialising, playing pool, watching films, doing arty crafty stuff, having guest speakers and a whole range of activities. As a user-led service, everyone who attends has an input into what happens within the group. Want to find out more and maybe even have your young person attend? Get in touch with one of our youth workers on