Adult Services

18+ Services

Adult Socials and Events

Meet like-minded people from the LGBTQ+ community at our adult socials and events across Milton Keynes and Bedford.

From brunch to hiking, pamper evenings to dog walks we hold many different socials throughout the year giving everyone the opportunity to meet new friends.

Keep your eyes peeled on our events page for up-and-coming events, some organised by Q: alliance and others supported by us, but all designed for you.

Parents & supporters

Q:cares MK

Based in MK, this is our new regular peer-to-peer support group for parents and anyone who looks after an LGBTQ+ young person and wants a bit of support.

Along with support the group also provides access to resources, as well as tea and cakes, so it’s a pretty great place to come and ask questions, learn, and share with others how to support the young people in our lives to be their best selves.

For more information get in touch with